Albert William Preston
Colonel, United States Army
New York State Flag
Albert W. Preston of New York
First Sergeant, Company F, 13th New York Volunteer Infantry, 14 Mayto 22 November 1861
First Lieutenant, 25th New York Volunteer Infantry, 22 November 1861
Captain, 1 January 1862
Honorably mustered out 22 September 1862
Captain, Veteran Reserve Corps, 8 June 1863
Breveted Major of Volunteers, 13 March 1865 for gallant and meritorious services in the various actions on the peninsula of Virginia from Hanover Church House to Malvern Hill and also in the battle of Antietam, Maryland
Honorably mustered out 30 September 1867
Second Lieutenant, 8th U. S. Cavalry, 1 September 1867
First Lieuteant, 1 March 1870
Retired with the rank of Colonel, 15 December 1870
With the rank of Captain, 3 March 1875 and again retired with the rank of Colonel, 25 July 1876
Breveted First Lieutenant, for gallant and meritorious service in the battle of Gaines Mills, Virginia, and Captain, 10 September 1867 for gallant and meritorious service in the battle of Malvern Hill, Virginia
Died 13 September 1883
Born at Rochester, New York, July 13, 1843, he was the son-in-law of General Edward Ortho Cresap Ord via his marriage to Ord's daughter, Mary Elizabeth Ord.

He died at San Francisco, Calfornia, September 13, 1883, and was buried in Section 3 of Arlington National Cemetery.

September 14,1883

Colonel Albert W. Preston, a retired officer of the United States Army, died in San Francisco yesterday. Colonel Preston was a nativeof New York, and joined the Thirteenth Regiment of Volunteers in May 1861.  He served throughout the war and rose to the rankof Captain, being honorably mustered out of the Volunteer Army in 1867.  He joined the RegularArmy in that year as a Second Lieutenant of the Eighth Cavalry and was retired with the rank of Colonel on July 25, 1876.

AW Preston Gravesite PHOTO

AW Preston Gravesite PHOTO
Photos By Michael Robert Patterson, 1999

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