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Charles Love Mullins, Jr.
Major General, United States Army
Nebraska State Flag
Courtesy of Michael Stein

Major General Charles Love Mullins Jr., U.S. Army
Born September 7, 1892
Died March 1, 1976

Cadet, U.S. Military Academy 1913-17
Graduated as No. 5706, Class of 1917

Second Lieutenant 1917
First Lieutenant 1917
Major (Temporary) 1918
Captain 1919
Major 1933
Lieutenant Colonel 1940
Colonel (AUS) 1941
Brigadier General (AUS) 1942
Major General (AUS) 1944
Colonel 1945
Major General 1948

Executive Officer, Camp Hill, Virginia January-May 1919
Assistant Professor (Military Science & Tactics), University of Illinois May-November 1919
Commanding Officer 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment
1919-20 Company Commander, 12th Infantry Regiment
1920-21 Aide-de-Camp to Major General Charles G. Morton, Hawaii 1921 Served with 35th Infantry Regiment
1921 Assistant G-4 (Supply), Headquarters Hawaiian Department
1921-24 Acting G-4 (Supply), Headquarters Hawaiian Department April-August
1922 Student, Infantry School
1924-25 Instructor, US. Military Academy
1925-27 Served with 20th Infantry Regiment
1927-29 Student, Infantry School
1929-30 Served with 25th Infantry Regiment
1930-31 Student, Air Corps Tactical School
1931-32 Student, Command & General Staff School
1932-34 Executive Officer, 1st Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment
1934-35 Regimental Adjutant, 29th Infantry Regiment
1935-36 Served with Personnel Section, Office of the Chief of Infantry
1936-38 Student, Army War College
1938-39 Superintendent, National Military Academy, Nicaragua
1939-42 Combat Commander, 11th Armored Division
1942-43 Commanding General, 25th Infantry Division
1943-48 Deputy Commanding General, 2d US. Army
1948-49 Chairman, Joint US-Brazil Military Committee 1949-52
Retired 1953

DSM - Silver Star - Bronze Star Medal

An interesting group of twelve Nicaraguan stamps issued to commemorate the Nicaragua Military Academy (NMA) also depicts various USMA graduates, as follows: Fred T. Cruse of Kentucky, class of 1907, the second superintendent of the NMA; Charles Love Mullins, Jr. of Nebraska, class of April 1917, the founder of the NMA and its first superintendent.

We are actively seeking additional information regarding General Mullins and his wife.

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Posted: 12 May 2004  Updated: 18 May 2004 Updated: 24 December 2005
US Military Academy (West Point) SEAL

Distinguished Service Medal

Silver Star

Bronze Star

CL Mullins Jr. Gravesite PHOTO April 2004
Photo By M. R. Patterson, 23 April 2004