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Edgar Hayden Dale II
Captain, United States Army
Kansas State Flag
Courtesy of Michael Stein:

Captain Edgar Haydsen Dale II, U.S. Army
Born in Coffeyville, Kansas April 23, 1914
Died February 16, 1943
Cadet U.S. Military Academy 1934-38
Graduated as No. 11296, Class of 1938
Second Lieutenant 1938
First Lieutenant (AUS) 1940
First Lieutenant 1941
Captain (AUS) 1941

Platoon Commander, 57th Infantry Regiment 1938-42
POW 1942-43
Died of colitis at Camp Osaka.

 Edgar Hayden Dale II was buried at Arlington Cemetery on October 29, 1948.  It was at this time that the cremated remains were returned by Japan.

He was buried with a group of others. The picture I have has at least eight urns in it.

I also have an "In Rememberance" from the burial ceremony. Listed are the dates:  born April 23, 1914, date of death February 16, 1943, Asaka, Japan. Burial October 29, 1948. Final Resting Place: Arlington National Cemetery.

His father, Edgar Hayden Dale, Captain, United States Army, was killed-in-action in the Argonne (France) in World War I and also is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Captain Edgar Hayden Dale, Jr. was born in Kansas, graduated from the United States Military Academy (Class of 1938), then joined the 57th Infantry (Philippine Scouts). He was captured on Bataan and died in a POW camp in Osaka, Japan in February 1943.
Posted: 31 May 2004 Updated: 20 June 2004
US Military Academy (West Point) SEAL

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