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Francis Compton Denebrink
Vice Admiral, United States Navy
Illinois State Flag
Biography & Gravesite Photo Courtesy of Russell C. Jacobs, August 2007

Francis Compton Denebrink (1896-1987)

Born on June 22, 1896 in Chicago, Illinois.

Commissioned from Annapolis in 1917. Aide to the Superintendent of Annapolis 1922-1923. Naval Aide at the White House 1926-1928. Commanding Officer of the McCormick in 1930. Graduated from the Naval War College in 1932.

Senior Aide to the Chief of Naval Operations in 1942. Commanding Officer of the Brooklyn 1942-1943. Rear Admiral in March 1943. Chief of Staff to the Commander Fleet Operational Training Command, Atlantic Fleet 1943-1944. Commander of Fleet Operational Training Command, Pacific Fleet 1944-1945.

Assignments after the war included Commander of Military Sea Transport Service 1952-1956. Retired as Vice Admiral in July 1956. Decorations included the Distinguished Service Medal and three Legions of Merit.

Died on April 8, 1987.

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FC Denebrink Gravesite PHOTO
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Posted: 4 August 2007 Updated: 16 October 2007
US Naval Academy SEAL

    Distinguished Service Medal

    Legion of Merit - 3 awards

FC Denebrink Gravesite PHOTO October 2007
Photo By: M. R. Patterson, October 2007