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Hanson Edward Ely, Jr.
Lieutenant, United States Navy
Montana State Flag
Former Lieutenant in Navy Who Served in World War Dies

ORANGE, New Jersey, September 29, 1938 – Hanson Edward Ely, Jr., son of Major General Hanson E. Ely of Washington, World War figure and former commandant of the Army War College and the Second Army Corps Area, died here today in Orange Memorial Hospital after a five-week illness. Mr. Ely, who was 42 years old, lived in Orange.

Born in Montana, he was graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1917, retiring from the Naval Service four years later after having seen convoy service during the World War as a Lieutenant Junior Grade.

For the last nine years Mr. Ely has been an engineer with the Electrical Research Products Corporation, an affiliate of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Mr. Ely’s grandmother, Mrs. Julia M. Ely, who died last year at the age of 100, was known as “the mother of the United States Army.”  She was the mother of two Colonels and grandmother of four other Army officers.

Surviving are Mr. Ely’s widow, the former Miss Anne Carter Lee of Upperville, Virginia; a son, H. E. Ely 3rd; a daughter, Anne Ely; three brothers, Louis Ely of Philadelphia and Eugene Ely of Madison Barracks, New York, both Captains in the United States Army, and Cadet John A. Ely of the United States Military Academy, and a sister, Miss Julia Ely of Washington.

Hanson Edward Ely, Major General, who is buried nearby, is his Father.

HE Ely Jr. Gravesite PHOTO
Photo By Michael Robert Patterson, 1999

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HE Ely Jr Gravesite PHOTO October 2007
Photo By: M. R. Patterson, October 2007