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Henry Richards Wismer
Ensign, United States Navy
Michigan State Flag
Henry Richards Wismer
Ensign, United States Navy
Date of Birth: 8 April 1941
Born At: Detroit, Michigan 
Next of Kin: Sherry Wismer (wife)
Harry Wismer (father)
Mrs. Charles E. Potter (mother)
Commissioned: June 3, 1964

Circumstances of Death:

Ensign Henry Richard Wismer, 24, a student pilot, was killed in a collision of two Navy jet trainer planes in southern Texas October 22, 1965. The AF9J planes collided in flight about 15 miles north of Raymondville and crashed within 150 yards of each other on a desolate section of the King Ranch. There were three planes in the flight. One made it back to the Naval Auxiliary Air Station in Kingsville, Texas. Ensign Wismer ejected from the plane, but was found dead near his parachute.

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Posted: 8 October 2005 Updated: 11 November 2007

HR Wismer Gravesite PHOTO
Photo By M. R. Patterson, 23 April 2004