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Oscar Charles Badger
Commodore, United States Navy
Connecticut State Flag

Oscar C. Badger, Naval Officer, born in Windham, Connecticut, 12 August 1823. He entered the navy from Pennsylvania, as a Midshipman, 9 September 1841, served on the steamer "Mississippi " on the eastern coast of Mexico during the war with that country, and participated in the attack on Alvarado in 1846. He was made passed Midshipman 10 August 1847, from that time until 1852 was on various ships of the Pacific squadron, and in 1853-'4 at the Naval Observatory. On 15 September 1855, he was made Lieutenant, and, while attached to the sloop " John Adams" in 1855-'6, he commanded a party that attacked and destroyed the village of Vutia, Feejee islands.

In 1861-'2 he commanded the steamer "Anacostia," of the Potomac flotilla, and Lieutenant Wyman, the commander of the flotilla, often mentioned in his reports the precision of fire of Badger's vessel. He was made lieutenant-commander on 16 July 1862, and commanded the iron-clads "Patapsco" and "Montauk" in the engagements with the forts and batteries in Charleston harbor in 1863. In the night attack on Fort Sumter, 1 September 1863, he was on the flag-ship "Weehawken," as acting fleet captain, when he was severely wounded in the leg by a metallic splinter. After this he was on shore duty until 1866, and on 23 July of that year was made commander. From 1866 to 186'7 he commanded the "Peoria," of the North Atlantic squadron, and received a vote of thanks from the legislatures of the islands of Antigua and St. Kitts for services rendered to the authorities.

From 1868 to 1870 he was at the Portsmouth navy yard. In 1870 he was made Captain, and on 15 November 1881, commodore. In 1885 he was  placed on the retired list.

Born at Windham, Connecticut, on August 12, 1823, he entered the United States Navy from Philadelphia as a midshipman in 1841. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1847. He married Margaret M. Johnston of Rockville, Maryland, in 1852 and served through the Mexican and Civil Wars, taking part in many engagements. He was promoted through the grades to Commodore and Commandant, Navy Yard Boston.

He retired in 1885 and died on June 20, 1899, at the age of 76. He is buried in Section 2 of Arlington National Cemetery.

OC Badger PHOTO Courtsy of the USS Badger Website
Courtesy of the USS Badger Website

United States Navy
DATE OF DEATH: 06/20/1899

DATE OF DEATH: 05/04/1908

OC Badger Gravesite PHOTO

OC Badger Commodore & Admiral Gravesite PHOTO
 Photos Courtesy of Tim Badger And Andrew Badger, February 2006

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