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Thomas Robert Francis
Lieuenant (jg), United States Navy
California State Flag
Thomas Robert Francis died in aviation incident - on duty in flight status in 1995, when the EA-6P Prowler he was flying crashed into the Pacific Ocean.
My brother, Lieutenant Thomas Robert Francis, United States Navy, was presumed dead, lost at sea, February 24, 1996.  There is a tombstone at Arlington that was placed there in his rememberance.

Caroline Margaret Francis

TR Francis PHOTO

Thomas Robert FRANCIS
BS Electrical Engineering 1990
US Naval ROTC - University of Southern California (USC)
Naval Aviator
Commissioned Ensign USNR 04 Jan 1991
Military History
Died in aviation incident - on duty in flight status
Further Education Unknown
LT (jg)
Deceased - Fountain Valley, CA 1995
Spouse Unknown

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