Photo Coverage Of Vietnam Unknown Exhumation
May 14, 1998
The Tomb Being Covered - PHOTO

The Tomb Covered - PHOTO

The Tomb of the Unknowns is covered before exhumation of the Vietnam Unknown begins. This was done in order to ensure privacy during the process. May 13, 1998.

Vietnam Unknown Exhumed

Following the exhumation process, the casket containing the remains of the Vietnam Unknown sits on the plaza of the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery. Following a ceremony, the remains were removed to a military laboratory where attempts will be made to identify them. May 14, 1998.

Vietnam Unknown Exhumed - PHOTO

The Vietnam Unknown, removed from his crypt, awaits the exhumation ceremony and then removal to a military laboratory for testing. May 14, 1998.

The Old Guard Protects The Vietnam Unknown

A member of the Third United States Infantry ("The Old Guard") patrols the area where the Vietnam Unknown awaits removal for DNA testing.  May 14, 1998

The Old Guard Protects The Vietnam Unknown

Joint-Service Team Removes Vietnam Unknown - PHOTO                  Joint-Service Team Removes The Vietnam Unknown

A Joint-Service Honor Guard Escorts The Vietnam Unknown From Arlington National Cemetery
Courtesy of CNN, May 14, 1998

Courtesy of the United States Air Force

Courtesy of the United States Air Force