About the team behind Arlingtoncemetery.net

Arlingtoncemetery.net has been the go-to resource for information about deceased veterans and military personnel since its inception in 2000. Unfortunately, until now, there has been no list of all those buried in Arlington National Cemetery available to the public on the Internet. Those buried or interred at Arlington National Cemetery (and their families) are protected by the various federal privacy laws. For this reason, we cannot make complete information about individuals resting at Arlington available to the general public via the Internet. Instead, we have chosen to publish only the most relevant information about known deceased individuals at Arlington National Cemetery.

Addiction and mental health issues, of veterans and military personnel.

Because we are deeply involved in the lives and deaths of military service members, we knew back in 2015 that we needed to broaden our scope of topics. For this reason, we decided to publish health information aimed at helping those affected by mental illness and physical obesity due to their military service. 
We believe that mental and physical health issues affecting these individuals are not receiving the therapy they need. 
That is why we sincerely hope that the information we share on this website will help affected individuals improve their health status. It is quite true that many of the mental and physical health problems suffered by ex-military personnel are similar to those suffered by the general population, but with some significant differences.
Indeed, it is the case that individuals who have served in the military are much more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, obesity, and potency problems than other individuals. We tailor our content to help veterans and military members with these exact issues.

Our vision

We publish health information written exclusively by real health experts. We only work with reputable health experts to provide the best help to the general population as well as veterans and military members. Whether it's studies, information on health topics, or general product reviews that help promote overall health. We will do everything we can to provide the best help possible.

The editorial process

Our team of serious experts first analyzes in detail each topic, possible addiction condition or product that is suggested to us. Through our professional experience as well as thorough research, it is easy for us to share information and create honest reviews.

Many health issues we have discussed multiple times with individuals who have served in the military. Likewise, we have tested different products with veterans that help with such things as post-traumatic stress disorder, obesity, potency problems, and other conditions.

These include but are not limited to:

  1. CBD products
  2. Potency products
  3. Sedatives
  4. Fat burners
  5. General dietary supplements that promote health.

Of course, we test these products ourselves for benefits and effects so that we can publish meaningful and authentic reviews.

Our goal is to provide our readers with all the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their health – and feel confident doing so. Learn more about our editorial policies.

The authors and medical team

Arlington National Cemetery's editorial staff are not just experts on deceased veterans and military members. To help survivors as well, we've expanded our team and brought on board experts in the following fields:

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Medical writers
  • Health and fitness writers
  • Health experts
  • CBD journalists
  • Medical reviewer

This collaborative team works together to bring you the latest evidence-based health product information and reviews. Together, we are committed to transparency and scientific expertise, for a healthy society.

Our healthcare experts

Arlington Cemetery Author Kim Chin
Kim Chin

Kim Chin is a registered dietitian and is considered the absolute health expert in her field. She has experience working with veterans and military personnel who have become mentally ill as a result of their deployment and compensate for their problems with overeating and unhealthy diets. Kim Chin helps these individuals get back to health and fitness. Her professional cures using nutritional supplements as well as optimized diet plans are especially popular. Her articles can also be found on medicalnewstoday.com.

David W Newton Author Arlington National Cemetery
David W. Newton

David W. Newton is a board certified pharmacist and also has been a board member for boards of examiners for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy since 1983. His areas of expertise are primarily pharmaceuticals as well as cannabinoids. You can read an article about his expertise in CBD on the National Library of Medicine. Find more from David W. Newton here: Shenandoah University

Professional career:

B.S. Pharmacy, M.S. Pharmacy; Ph.D. (pharmaceutical science and technology) U. of Florida 1967, 1972; 1976 Gainesville, FL.

Marian Newton Arlington National Cemetery
Marian Newton

Marian Newton's specialties include pharmacology, adult and geriatric psychiatric psychiatry theory and practice, and substance abuse treatment and prevention. She also initiated the creation of the American Nurses Credentialing Center Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Exam (1998-2006) and served on its first expert panel. Find more from Marian Newton here: Researchgate

Professional career:

B.S. Nursing (1967) and Master of Nursing (1972) from the University of Florida; Doctorate in Pharmacology and Psychopharmacology from the University of Nebraska (1989); and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Certificate from Russell Sage College (1995).

Our Arlington National Cemetery Author

Michael Robert Patterson Author Arlington National Cemetery
Michael Robert Patterson

Michael Robert Patterson was born in Arlington and is the son of a former officer of the US Army. So it was no wonder that sooner or later his interests drew him to American history and especially to American military history. Many of his articles can be found on renowned portals like the New York Times, Washingtonpost or Wikipedia. Here you can find an article by Michael Robert Patterson on Wikimedia.org

Professional career:

Founded own companies (1965) and dean at Cornell University in the subject area of military history (1988) and wrote the definitive book on Arlington National Cemetery (2018)

Michael Howard

Michael Eliot Howard was a British officer and leading military historian. He was a major pioneer of strategic studies in the United Kingdom. All articles about Arlington National Cemetery have been reviewed and approved for publication by im. Learn more about him at Wikipedia.org.

Professional career:

Assistant Lecturer in History (1947), Studied and eventually Professor of War Studies (1953-63), King's College London. Chichele Professor of War History (1977-present). Regius Professor of Modern History and Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford (from 1980 to 1989). Honored Fellow at All Souls College (since 2014).