John Henry Towers – Admiral, United States Navy


One of first Naval aviators died at the St. Albans Naval Hospital in Queens, New York, April 30, 1955. He had lived at 161 East 79th St, and was 70 years old. Told friends that wanted any obituaries written about him to say, with no evasions, that he died of cancer. His career was dogged … Read more

James McQueen Forsyth – Rear Admiral, United States Navy

Born at Long Island, Bahamas, British West Indies, January 1, 1842, he came to the United States in September 1853. He graduated from Central High School, Philadelphia, February 1858. He married Mary J. Perkins, August 1, 1871 and was married a second time to Caroline A. Helfenstein, October 7, 1903 after the death of his … Read more

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