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Charles E. Bigler
Commander, United States Navy
One Of The Most Beautiful Inscriptions In Arlington National Cemetery.
Born on July 12, 1924, Commander Bigler died on 25 December 2003 and was laid to rest in Section 7-A of Arlington National Cemetery.

His wife, Bernice Rains Bigler (October 27, 1920-February 28, 1989) is buried in his gravesite in Section 7-A of Arlington National Cemetery. The inscription on their stone is certainly indicative of my thoughts about Arlington.

CE Bigler Gravesite PHOTO

CE Bigler Gravesite PHOTO
Photos (c) Michael Patterson, September 1999

CE Bigler Gravesite PHOTO
Photo Courtesy of Russell C. Jacobs, August 2006

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"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.
Each headstone represents a story to be told, a past to be remembered."

They are the parents of Philip Bigler, former historian at Arlington National Cemetery and author of the fine book, "In Honored Glory - Arlington National Cemetery: The Final Post." It is available at book stores and via Amazon.Com on the Internet.

CE Bigler Gravesite PHOTO December 2004
Photo By Philip Bigler, 2004

CE Bigler Gravesite PHOTO June 2003

CE Bigler Gravesite PHOTO June 2003
Photos By M. R. Patterson, 28 June 2003