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Charles H. Maddox
Captain, United States Navy
Charles H. Maddox was born on 23 February 1886, and graduated from the United States Naval Academy 1909.

He perfected the air-sea radio. He was a Captain and retired Naval  Officer, who died at the Bethesda Naval Hospital on 21 September 1964. He was buried with full military honors at Arlintion National Cemetery.

High over the torpedo boat USS Stringham, the first wireless message from an airplane to a ship is transmitted to her from a Wright B-1 Flyer flown by Lieutenant John Rodgers and Ensign Charles Maddox.

July 26, 1912: 

Lieuenant John Rodgers and Ensign Charles Maddox become the first Naval Aviators to transmit a message from an aircraft to a ship.

The two pilots, flying a Wright B-1 hydroaeroplane, transmitted the letter "D" in Morse code to the torpedo boat USS Stringham in the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, Maryland.

Posted: 21 July 2002  Updated: 7 January 2007
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