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Michael Robert Patterson was born in Michigan and is the son of a former career United States Army officer. During his formative years, Michael lived in Michigan, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New York.

During his travels with his family he became interested in American History, and particularly in American Military history. These two interests drew him to Arlington National Cemetery, which is an integral part of both.  Michael has provided his Arlington National Cemetery website as his gift to America.

Michael is a retired business executive who resides on Long Island, New York, with his wife, Lynne, and pets Zeus, Abbey and Calico.  His grown children, son Brian and daughter Casey, live in North Carolina and in Minnesota respectively.

Michael is currently writing what he hopes to be THE definitive book on Arlington National Cemetery.

For a Memorial Day 2008 Radio Interview with Michael on the Veterans Radio Network Click Here and then select the 24 May 2008 broadcast.

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   Lynne & Michael Patterson attending a wedding on 17 October 1997.
                                      Photo courtesy of John J. Healy, Sr. (c) 1997

Michael & Lynne In Alaska - June 1998 Lynne & Michael on a glacier in Alaska, June 1998

  Lynne and Michael Aboard The Regal Princess In Alaska - June 1998

MRP At LI National Cemetery

LGP At LI National Cemetery
Lynne & Michael Patterson At The Long Island National Cemetery
19 April 2003


Abbigail Lane Patterson,December 2002 and January 2003

Zeus December 2002 PHOTO
Zeus, 26 December 2002

Zeus The Wonder Dog - June 1998    Zeus The Wonder Dog - August 1998
Zeus The Wonder Dog - June and August 1998

Zeus The Wonder Dog - June 1998
Zeus The Wonder Dog - June 1998
Calico The Cat April 2006 PHOTO
 Calico The Cat, April 2006

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