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William Denison Whipple
Major General, United States Army
New York State Flag
WD Whipple PHOTO   Born at Madison County, New York, in the hamlet of Nelson, August 2, 1826, he was appointed to West Point in 1847, graduating in 1851, ranking near the bottom of his class, a low standing belied by future assignments and achievements.

He performed routine duty on the Frontier in New Mexico and Texas and in 1861 was on Quartermaster duty at Indianola, Texas, when that post was captured by Texan insurgents. He escaped through the enemy's lines and made his way East in time to participate in the Battle of First Manassas as Assistant Adjutant General in Hunter's Division. He served as a staff officer during and after the Civil War and was successively promoted to Captain, Major, Brigadier General of Volunteers (July 17, 1863) and Colonel. He also won the brevet of Major General, United States Army, for "gallant and meritorious services in the field during the rebellion."

He discharged the duty in the Departments of Pennsylvania and Virginia, Middle Military Department, VIII Corps, and sundry other posts. On November 12, 1863 he became Assistant Quartermaster General of the Army and Department of the Cumberland and the following month was appointed to be George H. Thomas' Chief of Staff. In the latter capacity, he took part in all of the operations of Chattanooga and in the Atlanta Campaign as well as the movements which arrested John Bell Hood's invasion of Tennessee at Franklin and Nashville. He continued with Thomas after the war, until the latter's death in San Francisco in 1870, when Whipple was appointed Aide-de-Camp to General William T. Sherman, the General-in-Chief of the Army, a capacity which he served in for five years. 

From 1878 until his retirement in 1890 he was Adjutant General of the Division of the Missouri, Division of the Atlantic and Department of the East. He thereafter lived in New York City, where he died on April 1, 1902. He was buried in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery. 

His wife, Caroline Mary Cooke Whipple (no dates on stone), is buried with him. His son, Herbert Sydney Whipple (also no dates on the stone), Major, United States Army, is also buried in this site.

DATE OF DEATH: 04/26/1896

DATE OF DEATH: 04/01/1902

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WD Whipple PHOTO  William Denison WHipple, soldier, born in Nelson, Madison county, New York, 2 August, 1826. He was graduated at the United States military academy in 1851, and became 2d lieutenant in the 3d infantry on 9 September of that year. After six years of uneventful service in New Mexico, he participated in the Gila expedition against the Apaches in 1857, the Navajo expedition of 1858, and the defense of Fort Defiance, N. N., in 1860. He became 1st lieutenant in December, 1856, and on the opening of the civil war was on quartermaster's duty at Indianola, Texas After the capture of the United States property he escaped through the enemy's lines, was commissioned captain and assistant adjutant general, and in that capacity was present at the battle of Bull Run and at the headquarters of the Departments of Pennsylvania and Virginia, respectively, to June. 1862, when, becoming lieutenant colonel and additional aide-de-camp, he was on duty in the Middle Department and 8th army corps, and as chief of staff to General Cadwallader. He was appointed brigadier general of volunteers on 17 July, 1863, and assigned as chief of staff to General George H. Thomas, being present during the operations near Chattanooga, the siege of Atlanta, the battles of Missionary Ridge, Resaca, Kenesaw Mountain, and Nashville and at the headquarters of the Department of the Cumberland in 1853-'5. He received the brevets of brigadier- and major general in the regular army on 13 March, 1865, for gallant service in the Atlanta campaign and battles before Nashville. Since the war General Whipple has been on duty as assistant adjutant general at the headquarters of the principal military divisions, and in 1873-'81 as aide-de-camp to the general of the army. He was promoted colonel in the adjutant general's department, 28 February, 1887.

 April 3, 1902
Well-Known War Veteran Succumbs to
Pneumonia at New York Hospital.

Major Gen. William Denison Whipple died on Tuesday at the New York Hospital of pneumonia after an illness of only two days. He was at the Union Club on Saturday, and being taken ill the following day, went himself to the New York Hospital. Gen. Whipple was seventy-six years of age, and had spent thirty-six years in the military service. 

He was born at Nelson, Madison County,  N.Y., August 2, 1826, and was appointed thence to the United States Military Academy in 1847. He was graduated from West Point July 1, 1851, and as Second Lieutenant  was at once assigned to service on the Indian frontier, and participated in the Gila expedition against the Apaches in 1857, the Navajo expedition in 1858, and the defense of Fort Defiance in 1860. He was attached to Col. Hunter's division in the Manassass campaign during the civil war,  and took part in the first battle of Bull Run.

In July, 1863, he was made Brigadier General of Volunteers, and participated in the battles of Missionary Ridge, Resaca, Keneshaw Mountain, and in the operations about Chattanooga.

He was retired Feb. 28, 1887.

Gen. Whipple was a member of the Union, University, Jekyl Clubs and the Sons of the Revolution.

The remains are in an undertaking establishment awaiting the arrival of members of the family from Chicago.

Herbert Sidney Whipple of Pennsylvania
Appointed from Wisconsin, Cadet, United States Military Academy, 1 July 1881 (38) 
Second Lieutenant, 10th United States Cavalry, 14 June 1885
First Lieutenant, 9th United States Cavalry, 27 March 1892
Transferred to the 7th United States Cavalry, 12 April 1892
Lieutenant Colonel, 2nd Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, 17 May 1898
Honorably mustered out of the volunteer service, 31 October 1898
Captain, 3rd United States Cavalry, 10 July 1900
Assigned to the Pay Department, 23 April 1901

WD Whipple PHOTO - Library of Congress

William Dennison Gravesite PHOTO

William Dennison Whipple Gravesite PHOTO
Photos Courtesy of Russell P. Dodge, 2000

WD Whipple Gravesite PHOTO
Photograph By M. R. Patterson, October 2002

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US Militatry Academy (West Point) SEAL

WD Whipple Gravesite PHOTO June 2003
Photo By M. R. Patterson, 28 June 2003