63rd Infantry

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63inf In September 1997, the Executive board of the 63rd Infantry Division Association approved a plan to design, purchase and dedicate a memorial to the over 1000 men of the division who lost their lives in combat. The memorial would be located in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.

On 19 November 1997 at a site selected by the Cemetery Superintendent the stone marker, bronze plaque and a Pin Oak tree were dedicated. The ceremony was attended by over 60 veterans and members of their families.

The Military District of Washington and the 3rd Infantry (The Old Guard) provided the color guard, wreath bearer and Chaplain for the ceremony, while the US Army Band provided the bugler.

The ceremony was conducted by Fred Clinton (D/254) who was assisted by division veterans who made personal remarks during ceremony, unveiled the marker and placed a wreath in memory of the division men who lost their lives in combat.

Courtesy of the 63rd Infantry Division Association

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