The Poetry Of Del “Abe” Jones

From The Book “The World, War, Freedom And More.”

Posted Here With The Kind Permission Of The Author


We see faces of innocence
Upon our nations' youth –
But they've the hearts of heroes
When it comes to Liberty and Truth.

Young men and women of the Service
Standing straight and proud and tall –
Ready to fight for Freedom –
Ready to give their all.

Those faces of innocence
Will return, all, world-wise –
Still looking young in body –
But lifetimes' knowledge in their eyes.

There are some who will come home
To grieving families and friends –
Just a memory to those loved ones
Whose loss never really ends.

Yet those faces of innocence
And those young heroes' hearts
Will come of age once more
With dreams each new life imparts.

Another generation born
To this world of war and strife –
Searching for the elusive answer
To lasting peacetime in their life.
Why must this crazy world
Breed such pain and misery?
When will the human race Let young innocence be?

‘Guess there will always be a madman
Who is filled with hate and greed –
Who will force himself on others
And plant that killing seed.

And there will always be
Those young heroes who will fight –
Who will leave their innocence behind
For what they know is right.


It's a very unique club –
I see it everywhere –
I see man embracing man –
A tear that says, “I care!”.

There's a special look in eyes
That words cannot explain –
I see joy for this life –
Sometimes the living pain.

There's a camaraderie
That's very rare these days –
They let it show without shame
In so many different ways.

I wasn't there, (thank the Lord.)
So I can't really know –
I can only sense and feel
Those things which I see show.

The patience, understanding –
Which only they can feel –
There is something very special
And something very real.


A man with one leg –
Another, crippled, bent Should remind us what it costs –
And just how much was “spent”
Not in dollars and sense(?)
But in lives and misery –
Things those of us safe at home
Didn't want to see –
We watched it on the “tube”
Just like it was some John Wayne show –
And how lucky we were
We will never, ever know –
We sat in our easy chairs
Sipping a cold beer –
Switching channels, war to football
So we could root and cheer
For our favorite teams
(Some games we won't forget)
But easily pushed from our minds
Was the Viet Nam War Vet –
It's a little better now –
Some are starting to care –
Trying to understand
Problems brought home from there –
It was a different war –
Just ask those who fought it –
You might learn about some things
And say, “I'da never thought it.”


They went across the ocean
To fight in that Asian war –
On behalf of freedom, justice
For peoples of that foreign shore.

More than fifty-eight thousand men
Faced wars' reality –
Bravely sacrificed their lives
So that others might be free.

Most of them were very young –
And now, it seems such a waste –
That war accomplished nothing
And has left a bitter taste.

Those who did survive came home
To a country which turned away –
We didn't know how to greet them –
We didn't know what to say.

They came home to a nation
That said it didn't care –
Said it didn't want to know about
What went on over there.

The tide is finally turning –
Don't you think it's about time
We gave some praise to all of those
Who laid their life on the line?


Friends and family gather
For Independence Day –
We'll celebrate our freedom
And the American way.

They'll be picnics in the park –
And fireworks in the sky
As some salute “Old Glory”
With a teardrop in their eye.

There's some who can't be with us –
They died in some foreign land –
For when Liberty was threatened
They heard the call and made their stand.

So, as we reap the harvest
Of the great American dream –
Let's pause a moment, thank those
Who paid the price, supreme.


In the year of 1776
That paper was decreed –
They were tired of oppression
And wanted to be freed .

They wrote a Declaration
So the whole world would see –
This was, “the home of the brave
And the land of the free”.

They signed that piece of parchment
The leaders of this land –
Knowing, divided they would fall
But, together they could stand.

A new world lay before them
Untamed from shore to shore –
They swore the would protect it
If it meant going to war.

Battles have been fought –
And many lives have been lost –
So sad something so basic
Has such a high, high cost.

‘Seems freedom is a luxury
There's some would bind us all –
Like then, together, we can stand
But divided, we will fall.

More than two hundred years
Have past by since that day
That each of us celebrate
In our own different way.

We should be proud and thankful
Pay our share of the cost –
Not take freedom for granted
For it easily could be lost.


Just a piece of parchment paper
With words formed by a quill ink pen
That begin with, “We, the people.”
Includes Amendments One through Ten.

That ink has dried two centuries –
Its' words though still crisp and clear
And we should celebrate their writing
More than each, hundredth year.

They give us each the life we live –
Provide our priceless liberty
That more than any place on Earth
There is a land where one is free.

On July the Fourth we celebrate Our Freedoms' Declaration
But the American Constitution's What really made this nation.

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