Alexander Boggess Sibley – Packer, United States Army

I have been reading from your website and was very interested in your info on the veterans from the Spanish American War that were returned to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

We have been researching my family and learned that my Great-great uncle died in 1898 in Cuba while whith the Utah Volunteers as part of the Packers during the Spanish American War.  It is said that he was buried in San Luis, Cuba.  He died of “the fever.”

His name was Alexander Boggess Sibley and we recently found an A.B. Sibley in Arlington.  I had read your website and thought maybe he was brought back to the USA.  We wrote Arlington and they said that the info they had on A.B. Sibley was that he was a civilian, died in Cuba.  We think this is Alexander.

Would you know how we could find more?  We have requested his military records and are waiting for those.  Any insight that you might have would be appreciated.  Thank you for your time and your website.

Alexander Bogges Sibley was born in 1847 in Illinois.  He died on 26 November 1898 at San Luis, Cuba.  He was returned to the United States and was buried with military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.

Sibley was married in 1874 in Salt Lake City,Utah to Jennie R. Neilson. She was born in 1857 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland, and died on 25 January 1952.

From the 1880 Census: Stockton, Tooele County, Utah:

Alexander Sibley, Male,White , Age 33, born at Illinois. Occupation: Works In Mines. Mother born in France

Jennie Neilson Sibley, wife, female, white, age 23, born at Milldield, New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland on 2 August 1847. Housekeeping. Parents born in Scotland.

Mary Louise Sibley, daughter, female, white, age 5, born at Utah.  Married Norman F. McMillen 27 August 1895 at Salt Lake City, Utah.  Died before 1973.   Her husband died on 28 August 1931 at Rochester, Monroe County, New York.
Their son  Norman F. McMillnen was born21 March 1896 at Salt Lake City, Utah, and died in 1949 at West Palm Beach,Florida.

William Robert Sibley, son, male white, age 4, born at Utah. Died 23 February 1941. (Married Arvilla Stephenson  on 7 February 1907 at Salt Lake City, Utah).

Eva A. Sibley, daughter, female white, age 2,born at Utah. Died after 1978.

Blanche Sibley, daughter, female white, age 1, born at Utah. Died after 1979.  Married Gustave A. Wenon4 October 1901 at St Clair, Illinois.


  • DATE OF DEATH: 12/02/1898

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