M. Larry Lawrence – Press Report About Political Contributions

Larry and Shelia Lawrence M. Larry Lawrence, who died in January of this year, was a wealthy real estate developer whose properties included the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego.

Over his lifetime, Lawrence contributed at least $10 million to Democrats, according to The New York Times. In 1994, the Federal Election Commission fined Lawrence $7,179 for excessive yearly campaign contributions. In 1992, Lawrence served on Clinton's national finance board, and his wife, Shelia, headed the Clinton-Gore campaign in southern California.

In 1994, Lawrence was sworn in as ambassador to Switzerland and his wife as special envoy to the World Conservation Union in Geneva, Switzerland. She resigned from the position in November 1994.

Larry Lawrence's confirmation was held up in the Senate for more than two months while Republican critics and the 11,000-member American Foreign Service Association questioned his credentials for the position, maintaining that he had been chosen only because he was a big contributor to the Democratic Party.

President Clinton spent his first vacation in office at the Lawrences's mansion in Coronado, California. Shelia Lawrence did not respond to the Center.

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