Andrew Carl Bennett – Rear Admiral, United States Navy

Biography Courtesy of Russell C. Jacobs: June 2007

Andrew Carl Bennett (1889-1971).

Born on December 17, 1889 in Goodland, Kansas. Commissioned from Annapolis in 1912. Commanding Officer of the Submarine L-11 in Irish waters 1917-1918. Commanding Officer of R-24 and S-16 1918-1922. Instructor at Annapolis 1933-1936. Commanding Officer of the Savannah 1940-1942. Rear Admiral in May 1942. Commander of the Advance Group, Amphibious Force July 1942-February 1943 then Navy Operating Base, Iceland in 1943.

Retired in November 1946. Decorations included the Navy Cross and two Legions of Merit.

Died on November 29, 1971.

Bennett, Andrew C.

  • Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy
  • Commander, U.S.S. AL-11
  • Date Of Action: World War I


The Navy Cross is awarded to Lieutenant Commander Andrew C. Bennett, U.S. Navy, for distinguished service in the line of his profession in command of the Al-11.

While en route from Newport to the Azores his submarine was separated from the escort and other submarines of the squadron, leaving him without a rendezvous.

Lieutenant Commander Bennett thereupon proceeded to his destination successfully, assuming the great responsibility of starting a 1,700-mile Atlantic Ocean run in winter weather in a submarine of the class that had never been considered reliable for service of this character.


  • Rear Admiral, United States Navy
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 12/17/1889
  • DATE OF DEATH: 11/29/1971
  • BURIED AT: SECTION 46  SITE 1114-4

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