Arthur Hale Woods – Colonel, United States Army

Arthur Woods was born at Boston, Massachusetts, January 29, 1870, he received an A.B. degree from Harvard in 1892. He completed his post-graduate work at Harvard and at the University of Berlin. He received an honorary M.A. degree from Harvard in 1916, and a LLD degree, Trinity College, Connecticut in 1910.

He married Helen Morgan Hamilton, June 10, 1916, and their children were John Pierpont, Leonard Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton, Caroline Frances.

He worked as a schoolmaster, Groton (Massachusetts) School, 1895-1905; as a reporter, New York Evening Sun; in the lumber business in Mexico and cotton converting business, Boston, until 1907. He served as Deputy Police commissioner, New York City, 1907-09 and served as Police Commissioner, 1914-18. He was appointed Associate Director of the Committee on Public Information for Fforeign Propaganda, February 1918.

He was commissioned Lieutenant Colonel, Aviation Section, March 1918, and was promoted to Colonel in August 1918. He served overseas, September-November 1918. He was then appointed Assistant Director of Military Aeronautics. He was honorably discharged, January 31, 1919. He then served as Assistant to the Secretary of War in charge of efforts to help reestablish servicemen in civil life, March-September 1919. He was Chairman of the President's Commission for Employment, 1930-31.

He was formerly vice president, Colorado Fuel and iron Company, director of Bankers Trust Company, trustee of the International Education Board and the Rockefeller Foundation.

He was also Chairman and Trustee of the Spelman Fund of New York, the First Chairman of Colonial Williamsburg, the Williamsburg Restoration and Rockefeller Center and Chairman of the Davison Fund.

He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (US), C.M.G. (British), Chevalier Legion of Honor (French), 1920. He was a Republican, and an Episcopalian.

He was the author of Crime Prevention, 1918, Policeman and Public, 1919, Dangerous Drugs, 1931.

He made his home at 3014 North Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.

He died on May 12, 1942 and was buried with full military honors in Section 2 of Arlington National Cemetery


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