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Alfred Glascock
Captain, United States Army
Virginia State Flag
I believe that this Captain Alfred Glascock is the son of Captain Alfred Glascock of Fauquier County, Virginia and Mosby's Rangers fame. LDS has the following info:

Sex: Male
Birth: 29 Aug 1881
Fauquier, Virginia
Father: Alfred GLASSCOCK
Mother: Hattie Brown FADELY
The year of his birth would match that of the age of the Captain Alfred Glascock killed in Mesves, France during World War I.

Captain Alfred Glascock
Medical Corps
U.S. Army
Died Mesves, France
Age 37 yrs. old
Death Date: October 8, 1918
Death Location: Mesves, France
Cemetery: Arlington National Cemetery

Alfred Glascock Gravesite PHOTO
Photo Courtesy of the family
Captain Alfred Glascock Company D; born March 4, 1838, at "Rockburn", Fauquier County, son of Aquilla and Mary Bishop Glascock. Married April 12, 1865 to Hattie Hadeley.  Died December 19, 1880, buried in Union Cemetery, Leesburg, Virginia.

An early member of Mosby's command, he joined sometime between the unit's inception in early 1863 and the end of April of that year, when he is first noted as participating in attacks on General Stahel's expedition into Fauquier County.

Prior to joining Mosby's command, he was in Company A of the 7th Virginia Cavalry, having enlisted on April 19, 1861, promoted to Ordinance Sergeant and then elected Brevet Second Lieutenant. Prior to the war, he had served in Turner Ashby's Mountain Rangers.

Many of the men in Mosby's command were officers who had not been reelected in the April 1862 officers elections mandated by the Confederate Congress, and this was true of Lieuenant Glascock as well.

Mosby promoted him to First Lieutenant on April 1, 1864 and to Captain on October 18 of that year.

He participated in, a large number of raid and other actions, including the Berryville Wagon Raid.

After the war, he rebuilt his father's house, Rockburn, which had been burned during the War.

He was also half-uncle of fellow Ranger Private Aquilla Glascock (Company A) and presumably some relation to Private Roger Glascock (Company unknown), whose father was also named Alfred Glascock and who was also from Fauquier.

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