Arthur Henry Fletcher – Lieutenant, United States Navy

Lieutenant Fletcher (1844-1912) and his wife, Julia May Fletcher (1853-1922) are buried among other family members (see the Fletcher Family) in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery.  Research regarding them continues.

Courtesy of Michael Stein:

Lieutenant Arthur Henry Fletcher

Arthur Henry Fletcher (1844-1912)
Born in England
Acting Midshipman, U..S. Naval Academy 1861-65
Acting Midshipman November 28, 1861
Ensign December 1, 1866
Master March 12, 1868
Lieutenant March 26, 1869
Cadet, U. S. Naval Academy 1861-65
Served with USS. Rhode Island, West Indies Squadron 1865-66
Served with USS Iroquois, Asiatic Squadron 1867-70
Served with USS Idaho, Asiatic Fleet 1871
Ordnance duty at Washington Navy Yard 1872-73
Commanding Officer, USS Relief 1873-74
Served with USS Intrepid 1874-75
Served with USS Kansas 1875-76
Served with Asiatic Station 1876
Served with USS Huron 1876-77
Retired October 11th, 1881

Lieutenant Arthur H. Fletcher, U.S.N., retired, died on Thursday, at his home in Washington, D.C.

Lieutenant Fletcher was born in England in 1844.  He entered the U.S. Naval Academy in 1861.  He served through the Civil War on the Macedonian and during the Spanish-American War on the general court-martial at Norfolk, Virginia.  He was retired in 1889.

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