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Albert Jesse Bowley
Lieutenant General, United States Army

California State Flag
Courtesy of Michael T. Stein:

Lieutenant General Albert Jesse Bowley
Born November 24, 1875 in California
Died May 22, 1945

Second Lieutenant 1897
Captain 1901
Colonel 1917
Brigadier General (National Army) 1918
Brigadier General, United States Army, 1921
Major General, United States Army 1931
Lieutenant General, United States Army 1939

Served in the Philippines 1899-01
Instructor (Chemistry), US. Military Academy 1901-05
Company Commander, 109th Company, Coast Artillery Corps 1905-06
Adjutant, Artillery District of Narragansett 1906
Aide-de-Camp to Major General Frederick Grant 1906-10
Served in the Philippines 1910-11
Military Attaché to China 1911-14
Served in Mexico 1915-17
Commanding Officer, 17th Field Artillery Regiment 1917-18
Commanding General, 2nd Field Artillery Brigade 1918
Artillery Commander, VI US. Corps 1918-19
Student, General Staff College 1919-20
Served with the Army General Staff 1920-21
Commanding General, Fort Bragg 1921-28
Commanding General, VIII US. Corps 1928
Commanding General, 2nd Division 1928-29
Assistant Army Chief of Staff G-1 (Personnel) 1929-31
Commanding General, Hawaiian Division 1931-34
Commanding General, V US. Corps 1934-35
Commanding General, III US. Corps 1935-38
Commanding General, 4th US.Army & IX US. Corps 1938-39
Retired November 30, 1939
Distinguished Service Medal

Albert Jesse Bowley, of California.
Appointed From California, Cadet, United States Military Academy, 15 June 1893.
Appointed Second Lieutenant 4th United States Artillery, 11 June 1897; 
Second Lieutenant, 5th United States Artillery, 10 February 1898
Transferred to the 4th United States Artillery, 12 April 1898
First Lieutenant, 2 March 1899
Captain of Artillery, 2 Feb 1901
Captain, United States Army, 1 August 1901

Albert J. Bowley served in the Spanish-American War and in World War I.  He was also an early commander of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and contributed heavily to that installation's growth in the 1920s.

Research continues regarding his career.

United States Army Photo

AJ Bowley Gravesite PHOTO
Photo By Michael Robert Patterson, 1999
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US Military Academy (West Point) SEAL

Distinguished Service Medal
Service Medal