Andrew K. Holt – Chief Warrant Officer 4, United States Army

4 September 1921-10 May 2005

Born in Covington, Kentucky, Andrew K. Holt he is survived by his wife of 53 years, Marianne A Holt, and his son and daughter. His son Andrew P. Holt resides in Flagstaff, Arizona and his daughter Margaret (Peggy) R. Dowless resides in El Paso, Texas with her husband Tony B. Dowless.  His granddaughter, Amanda C. Meier, resides in Corinth, Texas with her husband Marty A .Meier and their two children, Tristan and Bryce.

When my father was buried this is the following eulogies that were given:

From his wife Marianne:

As long as I can remember, Andy had one wish, that when his time came, to be buried here in beautiful Arlington Nation Cemetery. I want to thank you all for taking the time and effort to be here with me.  To honor his wish and give him his final resting place.

Andy was a smart man, and he applied all his knowledge to his career; he served his country for over 30 years. so I believe that his final resting place here in this beautiful cemetery is well deserved.

Andy and I were married for 53 years. Life was good.

Andy passed away only a short time ago, but he actually left us 2 years ago, when this terrible illness took over and changed his life forever. Andy wasn't Andy anymore. Those were hard times.

He needed a lot of care, constant care, 24 hours a day care, but I managed with the help of my family and the help of my good friends and neighbors Sarah and Herbert, who unselfishly gave of their time, day and night, or whenever I needed help. I don't know what I would have done without them.

Now the time has come to say good bye.

Good bye my husband  -my partner, my lover – my friend, my teacher and my mentor, may you rest in peace.  God bless you; I will miss you – I love you; but it's not good-bye it is “Auf Wiedersehn”

From his Granddaughter:

My Dear Grandpa,

I am very grateful to be given the chance to stand here,
On this special day of Remembrance,
At this exceptional place of Honor,
And speak of and to my Grandpa.

On May 10,2005

Grandpas struggle with is own greatest power came to an end.
We lost a Husband, a Pop, a Daddy, a Grandpa and a Gg-pa.

Grandpa's wonderful cherished mind,
His life so full of wisdom, honor and deep respect,
Will be greatly and deeply missed.

You are very special to each of us –
And you struck us all in a very significant way.

I don't know what each of your memories of Grandpa will be…
My wish though is that you will treasure the happy healthy times.
I know when I think of Grandpa, I still think of myself as a little girl.
And there are certain things that pop in my head,

You might call them Grandpa's “signatures”

Grandpa's old, worn, blue sweater; his brown slippers that he shlopped around in; the bowl of chili every day for many, many years; the grape purple kool-aid that Grandma couldn't stand smelling every time she made it; the pickle Grandpa had to have with dinner for how may years; and last but certainly not least was Grandpa's luminous boisterous singing talent of “You are My Sunshine”.

Grandpa, I love you.
You are and always will be my sunshine, my inspiration.

I love you today and always,
Your loving granddaughter,

From his daughter not spoken at the funeral:


Before all the beautiful souls that go, there my Father goes, and I wish him peace and happiness in his eternal rest.  I hope to see him when the time is for me to go.  I love my Poppie and I miss him.
To my Daddy, I love you, your Daughter, Peggy.

Andrew entered the United States Army on 5 November 1942, with  basic training in Camp Carson, Colorado.  In April 1942 he was shipped out to the European Theater. He was stationed in England, then France and eventually with the Occupation Forces in Germany. He served with the Joint Military Mission for Aid to Turkey as Second Lieutenant from 5 June 1950 to 31 October 1950.

Attained officer status as a Second Lieutenant in 1950.
From 1952 -1953 Assignment to Fort Campbell, Kentucky
From 1953 – 1956 Assignment to Japan. Otsu – Kyoto – Yokohama
1956 – Returned to the United States
April 1957 – Assigned to the Army Air Defense School (Artillery) ( MOS 1182 – Surface to Air Material Assistant (Nike)); El Paso, Texas
He stayed in the same field (Artillery) until his retirement in 1973
Commission appointments:
Second Lieutenant, 20 April 1949
First Lieutenant, 7 June 1951
Captain, Army of the United States, 13 September 1954
Chief Warrant Officer 2, 27 June 1958
Chief Warrant Officer 3, 29 June 1964
Chief Warrant Officer 4, 9 October 1968
Major, United States Army Reserve, 12 September 1961
Major, United States Army Reserve, 11 September 1968


DATE OF BIRTH: 09/04/1921
DATE OF DEATH: 05/10/2005

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