Albert Gilmor – Colonel, United States Army

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Colonel Albert Gilmor
Born in Maryland January 15, 1880
Died in New York City February 24, 1971

Cadet U.S. Military Academy 1899-03
Graduated as No. 4200, Class of 1903

2nd Lieutenant June 11, 1903
1st Lieutenant July 10, 1907
Captain July 1, 1916
Major (Temporary) January 28, 1918
Lieutenant Colonel July 30, 1918
Captain March 15, 1920
Major July 1, 1920
Lieutenant Colonel July 2, 1927
Colonel October 1, 1934

Served with 7th Infantry Regiment 1903-07
Served in The Philippines 1903-05
Served at Fort Assinniboine, Montana 1905-06
Served at Fort Wayne, Michigan 1906-07
Served with 4th Field Artillery 1907-15
Served at Fort Sheridan, Illinois 1907
Aide-de-Camp to Brigadier General William H. Carter 1907-08
Served at Vancouver Barracks, Washington 1910-12
On Recruiting duty in New York City 1912-15
Served with 5th Field Artillery 1915
Transferred to Coast Artillery September 8, 1915
Served at Fort Totten, New York 1915-16
Served at Fort Wadsworth, New York 1916-17
Served at Fort Hamilton, New York 1917
Served at Fort Adams, Rhode Island 1917
Served with 8th Provisional Regiment, Coast Artillery Corps in France 1917-18
Served with 2d Battalion, 53rd Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps in France 1918
Served with Artillery Staff, 8th French Army June-July 1918
Served with Headquarters Artillery, 1st US.Army 1918-19
Served with Office of Chief of Artillery, 1st US.Army 1919
Served with the Office of the Adjutant General of the Army 1919-22
Adjutant General duties with Headquarters 9th Corps Area 1922-25
Student, Command & General Staff School 1925-26
Instructor, 211th Coast Artillery 1926-28
Instructor, 862d Field Artillery, 62d Cavalry Division (OR) 1928-31
Commanding Officer, 51st Coast Artillery, Fort Monroe, Virginia 1931-32
Military Attaché to Poland & Czechoslovakia 1932-36
On Leave 1936-37
Group Instructor, Coast Artillery Reserve, New York 1937-41
Retired August 31, 1941

DATE OF BIRTH: 01/15/1880
DATE OF DEATH: 02/24/1971


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