Arthur Monroe Ellis – Colonel, United States Army

Arthur Monroe Ellis:

Born November 25, 1893 in Baxter, Tennessee
Died March 23, 1974 in Knoxville, Tennessee

Cadet U.S. Military Academy, 1912-16
Graduated as No. 5572, Class of 1916

Second Lieutenant, 1916
First Lieutenant, 1916
Captain, (Army of the United States), 1917
Major, (Army of the United States), 1918
Captain, (United States Army), 1920
Major, (United States Army), 1927
Lieutenant Colonel (United States Army), 1937

Served with 12th Infantry 1916-18
Company Commander, 12th Infantry 1917-18
Battalion Commander, 88th Infantry 1918-19
Professor of Military Science & Tactics, St. Joseph High School 1919-?
Served with 26th Infantry until 1932
Professor of Military Science & Tactics, Tennessee Military Institute, 1932-34
Served with 25th Infantry, 1934-36
Instructor, Tennessee National Guard, 1936-40
Executive Officer, 10th Infantry, 1940-42
Retired Due To Disability, December 31, 1942

NOTE: His Son, Frank Terry Ellis, Colonel, United States Air Force (USMA 1943) is also buried in Arlington National Cemetery (Section 4, Grave 3210-B), as his his grandson, Frank Terry Ellis, Jr., Captain, United States Air Force.

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