Design work for national cemetery done in Spa City

Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. is undergoing a $35 million expansion. And all the design work for it is being done in the Spa City.

The LA Group is now working on a design for the 25-acre expansion of the burial grounds. It will be two years before any construction can begin, but architects said they already have some ideas in mind.

Joe Sporko said, “We'll try to keep a lot of the big trees. There's a lot of big trees at Arlington. The topography, the terrain, the architectural style in the turrets — all those kinds of things will go into the thinking of the design.”

Design work done in Spa City

The design work for the Arlington National Cemetery expansion is being done in Saratoga Springs, New York.

The expansion will give the cemetery 17,000 more grave sites and 23,000 more spaces for burial urns.

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