Augustus P. Blocksom – Major General, United States Army

From Spanish-American War Report:

Captain Augustus P. Blocksom of the Sixth United States Cavalry, who was wounded in battle, was born in Ohio and appointed from that State to the Military Academy at West Point on September 1, 1873.  He was graduated in June 1877 and was appointed Second Lieutenant in the Sixth Cavalry. He served on frontier  duty at Camp Bowie and Thomas, Arizona, and then went on scouting duty.

In November 1879 he was engaged with the Apaches at Warm Spring, New Mexico, and also in May 1880 near Ash Creek, Arizona.  On October 2, 1881, he was in an engagement with Chiricahua Indians near Fort Grant.

On January 15, 1884, he was made First Lieutenant in the Sixth Cavalry, and from June 1, 1884 to July 1, 1887, he was Professor of Military Science and Tactics at the Ohio State University.  He was also instructor of cavalry and law at the Fort Leavenworth School of Application from October 1, 1887 to September 26, 1869, and was then assigned to frontier duty at Fort Lewis, Colorado.  He was appointed Captain of Troop D in the Sixth Cavalry on November 10, 1894.

Hero Of Western Plains, Boxer Rebellion And Campaign In Cuba Was 76
Ohioan, Who Resided In Florida, Also Served In World War – Retired In 1918

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – July 27, 1931 – General A. P. Blocksom, U.S.A., retired, died at his home at Miami, Florida, last night according to word received here today.  He was born In Zanesville seventy-six years ago.

General Blocksom was graduated from West Point when he was 22, and saw service during the Boxer Rebellion in China.  Later he returned to this country and served in the Indian Wars.

During the Spanish-American War was wounded at Santiago and soon afterward retired from active service.  He was recalled during the World War and was stationed in the Hawaiian Islands.

Burial will be in Arlington National Cemetery.

Major General Augustus Perry Blocksom was a veteran Indian fighter, serving in two Indian campaigns.  He took part in many campaigns on the frontier of Arizona, where American troops waged long wars on the Apache Indian tribe, notorious at that time for banditry and looting.  In 1890 and 1891 he took part in operations against the Sioux in South Dakota.  He was brevetted for his services against Apaches at Ash Creek, Arizona.

He was born on November 7, 1854 and after graduation from West Point received his commission os Second Lieutenant in the Cavalry.  He subsequently became a Major, Inspector General and Colonel of Cavalry.

When war with Spain was declared he was sent to Cuba, where he participated in the campaign against Santiago in 1898. In june of that year he was wounded in the assault on San Juan Hill and was cited by the War Department in General Orders for “gallantry in action.” He also received the Silver Citation Star.

He commanded the Sixth Cavalry Squadron in China and was again cited for gallantry in action.  From 1900 to 1902 he served in the Philippines during the insurrection.

He was appointed Major General on August 14, 1917, for the duration of the war, by President Wilson and was made commander of Camp Cody in Deming, New Mexico. He was later transferred to the Hawaiian Department as commander and in 1918 he retired from active service.


  •  DATE OF DEATH: 07/26/1931 

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