United States Army Regulations (AR-290-5) Arlington National Cemetery


3.1 General.
This chapter assigns responsibilities for planning, design, construction, repaid and maintenance in connection with the development, expansion, and maintenance of Arlington National Cemetery and Soldiers' Home National Cemetery under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Army and financed from civil works appropriations for “Salaries and Expenses, Cemeterial Expenses, Army.” Regulations which are inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter are inoperative as far as the design, construction, and maintenance of these cemeteries are concerned.

3.2 Explanation of terms.
For purposes of this regulation, the following apply:

3.2.A Project design criteria.
a. Project design criteria. Include–
(1) The scope and functional, quantitative, and qualitative requirements listed in b through g below.
(2) General type of construction and architectural characteristics.
(3) Cost limitations.

3.2.B Engineering and/or architectural investigations.
b. Engineering and/or architectural investigations. Include the making of on-the-site topographic and subsurface surveys, tests, architectural measurements, engineering or architectural supplies, cost estimates covering existing or purpose major construction (e(1) below).

3.2.C Design.
c. Design. Includes preparation of general development plans and working drawings, specifications, and cost estimates covering existing or proposed major construction (e(1)below).

3.2.D Contract documents.
d. Contract documents. Include, but are not limited to–
(1) Working drawings awl specifications.
(2) Abstracts of bills and recommendations for awards.
(3) Contracts, performance bonds, and related papers.

3.2.E Construction.
e. Construction. Includes–
(1) Major construction covers: area (development, including initial erection or installation of basic cemetery buildings, structures, roads and other paved areas, and utility systems; terrain modifications for the original development; alteration of any of the foregoing that requires detailed engineering investigation or other field engineering work; and the execution of engineering or architectural designs by the Corps of Engineers.
(2) Minor construction covers: landscaping; minor alterations, additions, or extensions to, or modifications of, any of the basic items listed in (1) above for which engineering investigations or other field engineering work and engineering or architectural designs by the Corps of Engineers are not required.

3.2.F Other documents.
f. Other documents. Include those used in connection with the acceptance and transfer of completed work to the using agency.

3.2.G Repairs and utilities.
g. Repairs and utilities. Include any maintenance or repairs to the cemetery grounds and those structures described as major construction for which engineering investigations or other field engineering work or engineering or architectural designs by the Corps of Engineers are not required.

3.3 Responsibilities.
a. The Director, Personal Affairs, TAGCDEN, is responsible for–
(1) Long-range planning for the Arlington and Soldiers' Home National Cemetery program which includes–
(a) Establishing the scope and determining the functional, quantitative, and qualitative requirements of all essential facilities.
(b) Initiating and/or reporting upon enabling legislation.
(2) Establishing design criteria, type of construction, and/or architectural characteristics of all minor construction items.
(3) Reviewing and approving preliminary plans, designs, specifications, cost estimates, the scope of work to be accomplished, and concurring in whether or not contracts will be awarded on items specified in 3-2e(1) and (2).
(4) Participating in final acceptance inspections of completed work and concurring in action to be taken as a result of such inspections and in the use of funds appropriated for the work.
(5) Providing Specialized consultative service during the progress of the work, when requested, to the agency or agencies responsible for accomplishing construction.

b. The Chief of Engineers is responsible for–
(1) Conducting engineering field investigations of conditions at the site, based on the criteria established by the Personal Affairs Directorate.
(2) Preparing budgetary, preliminary, and final plans for major construction, including engineering and architectural designs, working drawings, specifications, and cost estimates. These documents will adequately delineate the scope of each item. Cost estimates will be justified when requested.
(3) Preparing and executing contracts that are necessary for constructing or procuring the facilities to be provided and for effecting the construction or procurement of the facilities, including supervising and inspecting them during the progress of the work.
(4) Coordinating with the Personal Affairs Directorate arrangements for joint, final acceptance inspection of completed work.
(5) Furnishing the Personal Affairs Director with a complete set of reproducible “as-built” drawings for each completed major project and operating and maintaining instructions and guarantees for equipment.
c. The Commanding General, US Army Military District of Washington, is responsible for supporting administrative and logistical requirements in accordance with the provisions of a Memorandum of Understanding between himself arid the Director, Personal Affairs.

3.4 Memorial sections.
The Act of 27 August 1954 (68 Stat. 880), as amended, provides that the Secretary of the Army will set aside, when available, suitable areas in Arlington National Cemetery to honor the memory of members of the Armed Forces who have been buried at sea or those who died or were killed in service and whose remains have been determined to be non-recoverable.

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