American Astronauts Buried In Arlington National Cemetry

“Oh, I Have Slipped The Surly Bonds Of Earth …
Reached Out And Touched The Face Of God. ”


While most people know that Richard Scobee and Michael Smith of the Shuttle Challenger are buried in Arlington National Cemetery, not many know that a number of other Astronauts are also buried there. They are: Charles Arthur Bassett II: Killed in the crash of his T-38 trainer jet, along with fellow astronaut Elliott E. See, Jr. in St. Louis on February 28, 1966. They had been flying to St. Louis in order to inspect equipment for their upcoming flight into space when the accident took place. Roger Bruce Chaffee: Was killed along with fellow astronauts Edward White and Virgil I. Grissom, when the launch module they were testing at Cape Kennedy, Florida, exploded on January 27, 1967. Chaffee and Grissom are buried in Arlington, while White is buried at West Point. Theodore Cordy Freeman: Died in the crash of his T-38 trainer near Houston, Texas, while preparing for a flight into space, October 31, 1964. Donn F. Eisele: Died of a heart attack, while on a business trip to Japan, December 1, 1987 . Brian Joseph James: Died in a training accident over the Potomac River near Washington, DC, July 20, 1992. Iven Carl Kincheloe, Jr., He was chosen as an original American Astronaut, but was killed in the crash of his jet fighter at Muroc, California, on July 26, 1958. He had served as a fighter pilot in the Korean War and was a test pilot at the time of his death. Stuart Allan Roosa: Died after retiring from the Astronaut Corps, on December 12, 1994. Stephen D. Thorne: Died in a airplane accident near Sante Fe, Texas, on May 24, 1986. Clifton Curtis Williams, Jr: Died on October 5, 1967 near Mobile, Alabama, while piloting a jet fighter; James Benson Irwin, died of a heart attack after retiring from the Astronaut Corps; S. David Griggs, killed in the crash of a World War II vintage plane while performing stunts; Charles P. “Pete” Conrad, killed in a motorcycle accident in California, July 8, 1999; Robert Francis Overmyer, killed in the crash of an experimental aricraft in March 1996.  David M. Brown, Laurel Blair Salton Clark  and Michael P. Anderson were killed in the February 2003 crash of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Michael P. Anderson, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force
Charles Arthur Bassett II – United State Air Force
David M. Brown, Captain, United States Navy
Roger Bruce Chaffee – United States Navy
Laurel Blair Salton Clark, Captain, United States Navy
Charles P. Pete Conrad – United States Navy
Donn F. Eisele – United States Air Force
Theodore Cordy Freeman – United States Air Force
Virgil Ivan Grissom – United States Air Force
S. David Griggs – United States Navy
James Benson Irwin – United States Air Force
Brian Joseph James – United States Marine Corps
Iven Carl Kincheloe, Jr. – United States Air Force
Robert Francis Overmyer, Colonel, United States Marine Corps
Stuart Allen Roosa, United States Air Force
Francis Richard Dick Scobee – United States Air Force
Elliott M. See, Jr – Civilian (Former United States Navy)
Michael John Smith – United States Navy
Stephen D. Thorne – United States Navy
David Mathieson Walker, United States Navy
Clifton C. Williams, Jr. – United States Marine Corps

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