Bernhard Henry Bieri – Vice Admiral, United States Navy

Bernhard Henry Bieri was born at Walnut Lake, Minnesota, June 24, 1889. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1911, the Navy War College, 1936. He married Elsie Genther, Jun 27, 1913.

He was commissioned an Ensign, 1911, and advanced through the grades to Vice Admiral, 1945. He served in US ships Delaware, 1911-12, Nashville, 1913, Montana, 1914, Virginia, 1914-15, Texas, 1915-19 and 1929-30, Utah, 1928, Altair, 1933-35.

He was Commander of the USS Corry, 1921-25; served on the staff of the Commander, Battleships, 1938, Battle Force, 1939. Staff of the Commander-In-Chief, US Fleet, 1939-40.

Commander, USS Chicago, 1941-42. On the staff of the Commander-In-Chief the of US Fleet, 1942-45, this period including duty with Allied Commander, North African Invasion Forces and Supreme Commander, Allied Forces in Europe. Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, 1945-46. Commander, US Naval Forces in the Mediterranean, 1946-48. Commandant, 11th Naval District, 1948-49. Representative of the Chief of Naval Operations on the military staff, Commission of the Security Council, United Nations, 1949-51.

His medals included the U.S. Legion of Merit, the French Legion of Honor, the Honorary Commander of the Military Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, as well as the Mexican Punitive, World War I, Pacific, European-African fronts, World War II.

He made his home at Bethesda, Maryland. The Admiral died April 10, 1971 and was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.


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