Chester A. Jackson, Jr. – First Lieutenant, United States Army

Chester A. Jackson, Jr.
Washington, District of Columbia
Born 1929
First Lieutenant, U.S. Army
Killed in Action
Died August 8, 1952 in Korea

First Lieutenant Jackson was a member of Company I, 5th Infantry Regimental Combat Team. He was Killed in Action while fighting the enemy near DT238418, North Korea on August 8, 1952. First Lieutenant Jackson was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously.

Jackson, Chester A Jr
Born 10 March 1929, Died 8 August 1952
US Army, 1LT
Res: Washington, DC
Section 3, Grave 4376-A,
Buried  23 October 1952

Jackson, Matilda
Born 23 September 1904
Died 12 August 1999
Section 3, Grave 4376-A
Buried  20 August 1999

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