Clovis Ethelbert Byers – Lieutenant General, United States Army

Lieutenant General Clovis Ethelbert Byers

Born November 5, 1899 in Columbus, Ohio
Died December 13, 1973

Cadet US. Military Academy 1916-20
Graduated as No. 6707, Class of 1920

Second Lieutenant 1920
First Lieutenant 1925
Captain 1935
Major 1940
Lieutenant Colonel (Army of the United States) 1941
Colonel (Army of the United States) 1942
Brigadier General (Army of the United States) 1942
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army 1943
Major General (Army of the United States) 1945
Brigadier General, United States Army 1948
Major General, United States Army 1952
Lieutenant General, United Sates Army 1955

Student Officer, Cavalry School 1930-31
Served with 8th Cavalry Regiment 1931-32
Commanding Officer, Cadet Company, U. S. Military Academy 1932-33
Assistant Adjutant, U. S. Military Academy 1933-34
Student, Command & General Staff School 1934-36
Aide-de-Camp to Major General Herbert J. Brees 1936-37
Commanding Officer, Troop A, 5th Cavalry Regiment 1937-38
Commanding Officer, 1st Squadron, 5th Cavalry Regiment 1938-39
Student, Army War College 1939-40
Served with G-1 (Personnel) Division, War Department 1940-42
Chief of Staff, 77th Infantry Division 1942
Chief of Staff I US. Corps 1942-43
Commanding General, 32nd Infantry Division (December 6-17th) 1942
Chief of Staff, 8th US.Army 1944-48
Commanding General, 82nd Airborne Division 1948-49
Deputy Assistant Army Chief of Staff G-1 (Personnel) 1949-51
Commanding General, XVI U. S. Corps 1952
Chief of Staff, Allied Forces, Southern Europe 1952-54
Commanding General, X U. S. Corps 1954
Deputy Commandant, National War College 1954-55
Commandant, NATO Defense College 1955-57
Special Assistant to the Defense Secretary 1957-59
Retired 1959
Distinguished Service Cross – Distinguished Service Medal (2) – Silver Star (2) – Legion of Merit (2) – Bronze Star Medal (3) – Purple Heart –
Commander, Order of the British Empire – Military Merit Medal (Philippines) – Legion of Honor (France)

Gavin was replaced in command of the 82nd by Major General Clovis E. Byers, whose war career was in the Pacific, first as commander of the 32nd Division in New Guinea and then longtime chief of staff of the 8th Army before and after itbecame the Army of Occupation in postwar Japan.

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