Charles Edward Hart – Lieutenant General, United States Army

Lieutenant General Charles Edward Hart

Born June 17, 1900 in Fort Washington, Maryland
Died December 9, 1991 at Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Cadet, U.S. Military Academy 1920-24
Graduated as No. 7517, Class of 1924

Second Lieutenant 1924
First Lieutenant 1929Captain 1935
Major (AUS) 1941
Major 1941
Lieutenant Colonel (AUS) 1941
Colonel (AUS) 1943
Brigadier General (AUS) 1944
Lieutenant Colonel 1947
Colonel 1948
Major General 1952
Lieutenant General 1954

Served with 4th Field Artillery, Fort Sam Houston 1924
Served with 4th Field Artillery, Fort McIntosh 1924-27
Personnel Adjutant, 4th Field Artillery 1926-27
Served with 3rd Field Artillery, Fort McIntosh 1927-28
Personnel Adjutant, 3rd Field Artillery 1927-29
Commanding Officer, Service Battery, 3rd Field Artillery 1927-28
Served with 3rd Field Artillery, Camp Knox 1928-29
Served with 16th Field Artillery, Fort Myer 1929-30
Student, the Field Artillery School 1930-31
Served with 8th Field Artillery 1931-32
Served with 11th Field Artillery Brigade 1932-33
Served with 8th Field Artillery 1933-34
Served with 18th Field Artillery 1934-35
Commanding Officer, Battery “A”, U.S. Military Academy 1935-40
Instructor, Field Artillery School 1940-42
Artillery Commander, II Corps 1942-43
Artillery Commander, 1st US.Army 1943-45
Deputy Chief of Staff, 1st US.Army 1945-47
Assistant Commandant, Anti-Aircraft & Guided Missile Center 1947-49
Artillery Commander, 1st Infantry Division 1949-50
Artillery Commander, 7th US.Army 1950-51
Chief, Military Assistance Group, Greece 1951-53
Commanding General, Artillery Center & School 1953-54
Commanding General, V Corps 1954-56
Commanding General, Army Air Defense Command 1957-60
Retired 1960

Distinguished Service Medal, (two) – Legion of Merit (two)

Charles Edward Hart was born in 1900 and died in 1991.  General Hart was buried with his wives, Virginia Hereford Hart (1899-1970) and Anne Harris Hart (1900-1982) in Section 30 of Arlington National Cemetery.

General Hart served as an Artillery commander in World War II and following the war was Commanding General of the Army Air Defense Comnand.

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