Clifford J. Fawn – Private, United States Army Air Corps

In August 1989 the remains of Fawn and two other crewmen of a downed World War II transport plane, discovered in New Guinea in 1988, were returned to Arlington National Cemetery for burial – 46 years after they died.

Once again the heart-stirring elegy of Taps sounded over the long green slopes and their sheltered oaks.

Later someone, intending kindness, said to the 94-year-old Julia Fawn, “This must have been hard for you.” “No,” she replied, “I'm at peace now. My son has come home.”

Buried with Emil W. Erickson, Corporal, United States Army, and Edward G. Piekutowski, Private First Class, United States Army. They are buried in Section 34 of Arlington National Cemetery.

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