Charles Seymour Freeman Vice Admiral, United States Navy

Born on November 19, 1878, he graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1900. He married Alice Nancy Kimball, August 7, 1909 (deceased August 16, 1943) and Mrs. Fleet Murdaugh Carney, April 19, 1953.

He was commissioned an Ensign and was advanced through the ranks to Vice Admiral, June 1942. He was commanded of the USS Manchuria, USS Maui, USS Orizaba during World War I.

He served as Superintendent of the Naval Observatory, 1927-30 and was commander of U.S. Forces in Cuban Waters, 1933-34. He then served as Commander, Norfolk (Virginia) Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Virginia, 1935-37 and of the Submarine Force, United States Fleet, 1937-39.

He was a member of the Navy General Board, 1939-40 and successively commanded the Puget Sound Navy Yard, the 13th Naval District, Northwest Sea Frontier, all during World War II. He retired in 1942 and then served as Vice President, Economic Council, Inc.

During his career, he was decorated with the Navy Cross and the Legion of Merit. He was later Editor, Review of Pre-War Merchant Shipping in Eastern Waters.

He died on February 22, 1969 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

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