Charles Porter – Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

Charles Porter of Ireland
Private, Corporal and Quartermaster Sergeant, 5th U. S. Infantry, 26 April 1858 to 27 November 1862
Second Lieutenant, 5th U. S. Infantry, 31 October 1863
First Lieutenant, 20 February 1865
Transferred to 8th U. S. Infantry, 18 January 1870
Captain, 1 August 1872
Major, 5th U. S. Infantry, 10 March 1896
Lieutenant Colonel, 22 U. S. Infantry, 28 September 1898
Brevet Major, 27 February 1890 for gallant service in action against Indians in Arizona, 15 August 1876, 7 January 1878 and 3 April 1878
Retired 23 December 1898
Died 15 October 1902

October 17, 1902:

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Porter, United States Army, retired, died in Washington Wednesday night.  His remains will be interred in the National Cemetery at Arlington.  The dead officer enlisted in the Army as a Private in 1858. He was commissioned Second Lieutenant of the Fifth Infantry in 1863, was First Lieuenant in 1865, transferred to the Eighth Infantry in 1870, became a Captain in 1872, and was made a Major of the Fifth Infantry in 1896. In 1898 he was made Lieutenant Colonel of theTwenty-second Infantry, and was retired the same year.  He was a native of Ireland.

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