Curtis James Herrick – Major General, United States Army

Courtesy of Michael Stein:

Major General Curtis James Herrick, USA
 Born August 12, 1909 in North Dakota
Died February 9, 1971 in Hawaii

Cadet, U. S. Military Academy 1927-31
Graduated as No. 9232, Class of 1931

Second Lieutenant 1931
First Lieutenant 1935
Captain 1940
Major (AUS) 1942
Lieutenant Colonel (AUS) 1942
Colonel (AUS) 1945
Lieutenant Colonel 1948
Colonel 1953
Brigadier General 1956
Major General 1961

Served with 3rd Infantry Regiment 1931-34
Platoon Commander, 57th Infantry Regiment 1934-36
Company Commander, 11th Infantry Regiment 1936-37
Student, Infantry School 1937-38
Company Commander, 24th Infantry Regiment 1938-39
Student, Infantry School 1939-40
Company Commander, 68th Armored Regiment 1940-41
Assistant Chief of Staff G-4 (Supply), 11th Armored Division 1942-44
Served with G-4 (Supply) Section, US.Army-Pacific 1944-47
Deputy J-4 (Logistics) & Rear Echelon Commander, Joint Task Force 1947-48
Student, Industrial College of the Armed Forces 1948-49
Served with the Army General Staff 1949-52
Assistant Division Commander, 11th Airborne Division 1952-53
Commanding Officer, 223rd Infantry Regiment 1953
Senior Advisor III ROK Corps 1953-54
Commanding Officer, 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team 1954-55
Deputy Commanding General & Chief of Staff, XVIII Airborne Corps 1955-57
Assistant Division Commander, 25th Infantry Division 1957-59
Deputy Chief of Staff (Administration), US.Army-Pacific 1959-60
Chief of Staff, 3rd US.Army 1960-61
Commanding General, XI Corps 1961-63
Chief, Joint US. Military Mission for Aid to Turkey 1963-65
Commandant, Military District of Washington D.C. 1965-67
Retired 1967

Distinguished Service Medal – Legion of Merit (two) – Silver Star – Bronze Star Medal

Curtis James Herrick was born on 12 August 1909 and died on 9 February 1971.  General Herrick and his wife, Alice Reasoner Herrick (31 December 1911-27 February 1984) are buried in Section 30 of Arlington National Cemetery.

Major General Curtis J. Herrick, Military District of Washington, October 2, 1965 to May 31, 1967.

Herrick's career, including command assignments with the 511th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team, and Eighteenth Airborne Corps.

  • MG U. S.A.
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 08/12/1909
  • DATE OF DEATH: 02/09/1971

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