Clark Lynn – Colonel, United States Army

Courtesy of Michael T. Stein:

Regarding Colonel Clark Lynn: You wrote that Colonel Lynn is apparently the son of Major Daniel D. Lynn – CONFIRMED – General Cullum (in Vol. V 1900-1910 Register of Graduates of USMA) writes “son of Major Daniel D. Lynn (Class of 1860).

Lynn´s biography:

Colonel Clark Lynn
Born in Indiana, November 29, 1877
Died at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, December 11th 1971

Cadet, U.S. Military Academy 1899-03
Graduated USMA as No. 4195 Class of 1903

Second Lieutenant 1903
First Lieutenant 1909
Captain 1916
Major (Philippine Scouts) 1917
Major (National Army) 1917
Lieutenant Colonel (National Army) 1918
Lieutenant Colonel (United States Army) 1927
Colonel  (United States Army) 1934

Served with 2nd Infantry Regiment 1903-09
Stationed at Fort D.A. Russell 1903-04
Stationed at Fort Logan 1904-05
Served in the Philippine Islands 1905-07
Battalion Quartermaster & Commissary, 2nd Infantry Regiment 1905-07
Served with Civil Government in Zamboanga (PI) 1907-08
Served with 22nd Infantry Regiment 1909-10.
Student, Army Signal School 1910-11
Served with First Signal Company at Eagle Pass, Texas 1911
Stationed at Fort Omaha 1911-12
Served with Office of Chief Signal Officer 1912-13
Signal Officer, Army Transport Burnside 1913-14
Served with 21st Infantry Regiment 1914
Served with 13th Infantry Regiment 1914-16
Stationed at Fort William McKinley (PI) 1914-16
Served with 31st Infantry Regiment 1916-17
Commanding Officer, 13th Battalion, Philippine Scouts 1917
Served with 61st Infantry Regiment 1917
Adjutant, 166th Depot Brigade (August-December) 1917
Student, Army General Staff College (Langes – France) 1918
Assistant Chief of Staff G-3 (Operations & Training), 91st Division 1918-19
Served with War Department General Staff 1920-24
Assistant Department Adjutant, Panama Canal Zone 1930-32
Assistant Officer-in-Charge, Reserve Division, Office of the Adjutant General 1932-35
Officer-in-Charge of Publication Division, Office of the Adjutant General 1935-36
Adjutant General & Recruiting Officer, I Corps Area 1936-38
Retired  November 30, 1938

Colonel Lynn is the son of Daniel D. Lynn, Major, United States Army, and is buried in the same gravesite as his Father in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery.  The Colonel was born in 1877 and died in 1971. He graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1903. Research regarding the Colonel continues.

Also buried with him is his wife, Hazel Chant (1886-1791).


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