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Charles Wilkes Christenberry
Major General, United States Army
Texas State Flag
Christenberry, Charles Wilkes

Charles Wilkes Christenberry was born at Anson, Texas, January 28, 1895. He was a student at Texas Christian University, 1914-17. He graduated from the Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia, 1926; received a B.S. degree from Columbia, 1927.

He was commissioned a Second Lieutenantof Infantry, 1917, and advanced through the grades to Major General, 1953. He was Professor of Military Science and Tactics, New York University, 1928-35. He then served in the office of the Adjutant General, Washington, D.C., 1935-36; as Officer in charge, publications bureau, Adjutant Genreal Deptartment, 1936-39; Dept Adjutant General, Philippine Dept, 1939-41; Adjutant General, V Corps, 1941-43; Adjutant General, SOS, North Africa, 1943; Chief of Staff, Replacement Training Command, North Africa, Italy, 1944; Theater Adjutant General, American and British forces, Italy, also AG MTOUSA, 1944-46. Adjutant General, 1st Army, 1946-48; Commander, RecruitingPublicity Bureau, Governors Island, New York, 1948-51; Chief of Special Services Division, Adjutant Genreal Department, Washington, D.C., 1951-52; Deputy Chief of Staff to General Van Fleet, Korea, 1952-53; Assistant Chief of Staff, Headquarters, Far East and UN Commands, Japan, 1953-54.

He later served as the President, American-Korean Foundation, 1954; Commission on Publications, New York State, 1956.

His medals included Distinguished Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, Order of British Empire, Medale La Guerre (Brazil), Crown of Italy. He also received a silver replica of Paul Revere Bowl for outstanding service for peace by the Citizens of Massachusetts, 1954.

He made his home at 160 Riverside Drive, New York City.

The General died on December 24, 1963 and was buried with full military honors in Section 34 of Arlington National Cemetery.

CW Christenberry Gravesite PHOTO
Photo Courtesy of Russell C. Jacobs, January 2006

DATE OF BIRTH: 01/28/1895
DATE OF DEATH: 12/24/1963
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Distinguished Service Medal

Legion of Merit

Bronze Star Medal