David Bell McKibbin – Brigadier General, United States Army

David Bell McKibbin of Pennsylvania
Appointed from Pennsylvania, Cadet, United States Military Academy, 1 July 1856 to 31 October 1848
Second Lieutenant, 9th U. S. Infantry, 3 March 1855
First Lieutenant, 1 March 1861
Captain, 14th U. S. Infantry, 14 May 1861
Colonel, 158th Pennsylvania Infantry, 24 November 1862
Mustered out of the volunteer service, 12 August 1863
Colonel, 214th Pennsylvania Infantry, 5 August 1865
Honorably mustered out of the volunteer service, 30 April 1866
Transferred from the 14th to the 32nd U. S. Infantry, 21 September 1866
Major, 10th U. S. Infantry, 15 September 1867
Unassigned 15 March 1869
Assigend to 10th U. S. Cavalry, 31 December 1870
Retired 31 May 1875
Breveted Major, 1 August 1864 for gallant service in the battle of North Anna, Virginia
Breveted Lieutenant Colonel, 1 August 1864 for gallant service in the battle of Bethesda Church, Virginia
Breveted Colonel and Brigadier General, U. S. Volunteers, 13 March 1865 for gallant and meritorious services furing the war
Died 8 November 1890

Born in Pennsylvania, April 9, 1831, he entered the Regular Army as First Lieutenant, 9th United States Infantry, March 1, 1861. He was promoted to Captain, 14th Infantry, May 14, 1861; Colonel, 158th Pennsylvania Volunteers, November 24, 1862; mustered out of the Volunteer Service, August 12, 1863.

Appointed Colonel, 214th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, August 5, 1865 and again mustered out, but continued in the Regular Army until he retired as a Major in 1875. He was breveted Brigadier General, U.S. Volunteers, March 13, 1865 for North Anna River, Bethesda Church, and war services. At one time he commander the 1st Brigade, District of Pamlico, North Carolina, XVIII Corps. He was an ex-Cadet (did not graduate) at West Point (1850).

He died on November 8, 1890 and was buried in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery, with his wife Marian, and near Chambers McKibbin and Joseph Chambers McKibbin.


WASHINGTON, November 11, 1890 – The body of General David Bell McKibbin, who died in this city last Saturday, was laid at rest in the Arlington National Cemetery today.  The burial services were held at St. John’s Episcopal Church this afternoon and were conducted by the Rec. Dr. Payment.  The church was well-filled with the friends of the deceased, including many persons prominent in social and military life, members of the Grand Army and of the Loyal Legion.

DATE OF DEATH: 11/08/1890



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