Herman & John C. Dorsey

This information provided courtesy of  Sven Dorsey.

I would like to add two persons to your list.  They are Herman W. Dorsey, Colonel, World War II, who died in 1984. His son, and my brother,  John C. Dorsey,  Captain, 53rd TFS,who died in a skiing accident in 1986. Both are at Arlington National Cemetery.

Herman W. Dorsey was born in Oklahoma in 1911.  He started in the Oklahoma National  Guard prior to WWII. He rode as a Sergeant in the Artillery with caissons, then transferred to artillery observation and then to the Army Air Corps.  He went to England as a First Lieutenant in 1942 and flew as an observer-navigator in A- 20s.  After D-Day he was assigned to return war wearys to England from France. He returned home in 1945 and was assigned at various bases. He stayed in the Army and in  1948  went back to school, and was later assigned to the Judge Advocate General Corps. He served in North  Africa and Germany and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the late 1960's.  He died 1984.

My brother, John C. Dorsey,  was born at Wheelus AFB in North Africa in 1953  and attended the United States Air Force Academy.  Upon graduation he attended Flight School and Instructors School. He then taught instructors assigned to fly repaired aircraft. I believe he was assigned to the 555th for a while and was sent to Europe at the 53rd TFS at Bitburg, Germany.  He reached the rank of Captain.

He died in a avalanche in the Swiss alps in 1986.

Both are at Arlington  and I  think John is listed on the rear of my Dad's stone there.

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