Donald Ray Bryant – Captain, United States Army


DONALD RAY BRYANT was born on June 15, 1935 and joined the Armed Forces while in SPRINGFIELD, OHIO.

He served in the United States Army.  In 8 years of service, he attained the rank of Captain. He began a tour of duty on November 29, 1965 with the 161st Assault Helicopter Company.

On June 27, 1966, at the age of 31, DONALD RAY BRYANT perished in the service of our country in South Vietnam.

Bryant, Donald Ray
6 June 1935 Died 27 June 1966
US Army, CAPT,
res: Worthington, Ohio,
Section 35, Grave 4148, buried  13 July 1966

Person who witnessed this incident said it occurred at the Tuy Hoa airbase.  The 161st Huey (UH-1B sn 64-14047) was just leaving the Tuy Hoa airbase, having just  refueled.   At this point, it had a mid-air collision with another Huey (UH-1B sn
65-09486) belonging the 1/9th Cav of the 1st Cavalry Division.  Seems each aircraft was being directed by separate air traffic controllers.

During the first half of 1966, the 161st did its share of flying combat support for the “Tiger” Division and its aircraft took hits from enemy ground fire and some of its crew wounded, they had only one fatal casualty. That changed on June 27, 1966, as a
UH-1D and its entire 4-man crew were lost, not to combat fire, but to a mid-air collision. The 161st aircraft had just taken off from Lane enroute to flare mission, when it collided with another Huey belonging to the 1/9th Cav of the 1st Cavalry Division. Captain Donald Ray Bryant, Captain Jerry Wayne McNabb were the pilots, the enlisted crewmembers were Fredrick Marlton Binder and Jackie Lee Goforth.

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