Donn Royce Pepke – Lieutenant General, United States Army

Lieutenant General Donn Royce Pepke

  • Born September 7, 1917
  • Died January 15, 1995
  • Second Lieutenant 1939
  • Brigadier General 1964
  • Major General 1969
  • Lieutenant General 1973
  • Chief of Staff, 1st Armored Division 1962-63
  • Deputy Commanding General, Training Center (Infantry), Ft. Gordon 1964-65
  • Deputy Director of Strategic Plans & Policy (Office of DCOS Operations) 1965-67
  • Director of Plans (Office of DCOS Operations) 1967-68
  • Commanding General, 4th Infantry Division 1968-69
  • Deputy Chief of Staff (Training), Continental Army Command 1969-71
  • Chief of Staff, Continental Army Command 1971-73
  • Deputy Commanding General, Army Forces Command 1973-75
  • Distinguished Service Medal – Silver Star – Legion of Merit – Bronze Star Medal

On November 30, 1968, Major General Donn R. Pepke, assumed command of the 4th Division in Vietnam. Renewed emphasis was placed on the importance of E/58th operations. Seasoned noncommissioned officers and Montagnard Rhade scouts were recruited. The value of loyal native expertise, previously demonstrated under Major General Peers’ command, was being relearned. Members of E/58th continued to perform valuable LRP support for the 4th Division, until it was replaced by Company K (Ranger), 75th Infantry (Airborne), February 1, 1969.

Lieutenant General Charles A. Corcoran, IFFV Commander, added his praise when he wrote, “The operations were, without exception, conducted with a degree of professionalism which commanded success. You may take just pride in these

Fourth Division commander, Major General Donn R. Pepke, commented on the praise given his men, adding, “I am sure that all members of the Famous Fighting Fourth Infantry Division will share my pride in the recognition afforded to our past and present accomplishments. I have no doubt that the Division’s traditional fighting spirit will be passed from our presently ssigned officers and men to those who will follow them.”

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