David Upton Schade – Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force

Courtesy of the United States Naval Academy:

David U. Schade, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force, died 24 November 1983, at Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

JoAnne Schade reported that Dave passed away 24 November 1983.

Clif Shumaker’s column in Shipmate November 1984:

David Upton Schade: Died November 24, 1983 After graduating from USNA in 1955, Dave went to Electronic School at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi. until June of 1956 at which time he was assigned to Bunker Hill Air Force Base as Electronic Officer.

In September of 1956 Dave was sent to Harlington, Texas, where he attended Navigator School until September of 1957. While at Harlington, Dave met and married a home town girl, JoAnne Glidden, who was stationed at Harlington as an Air Force nurse.

After receiving his navigator wings, Dave was then assigned to Travis Air Force Base where he remained until June 1962, flying in MATS as a navigator. While at Travis, Dave and Jo-Anne had three children, Kim Elizabeth born in 1958, Donna Lynn born in 1960, and David Upton, Jr. born in 1962.

From June of 1962 until June of 1964, Dave attended the University of Michigan, where he received his degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Also, while at Michigan, Dave and Jo-Anne had their fourth child, Barbara Ann, in 1963. From 1964-66 Dave was stationed at Norton Air Force Base, where he was project officer in the Athena program.

In 1966-67 Dave attended Command and Staff College at Montgomery, Alabama, and after graduating in June of ’67 Dave was then sent to Clark Air Force Base, in the Philippines, where he remained until he received orders for Phan Rang, Vietnam. After bringing the family back to the States, Dave went to Phan Rang where he flew 258 combat missions.

After his tour in Vietnam, Dave was sent to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, where he remained until he retired in April of 1981 as a Lieutenant Colonell. While at Eglin, Dave worked in various jobs in TAC but when he retired he was working in Chemical Warfare.

Dave enjoyed one year of doing lots of enjoyable things around the house and also spent quite a bit of time on the beach. After a year of relaxing Dave went to school and took a course in carpentry, which he enjoyed very much.

Dave died Thanksgiving Day in 1983 of lung cancer.

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