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Ernest Aaron Bixby
Brigadier General, United States Army
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Biography And Gravesite Photo Courtesy of Russell C. Jacobs: June 2007

Ernest Aaron Bixby (1899-1965)

Born on February 22, 1899 in North Charlestown, New Hampshire. Commissioned in the Field Artillery from West Point in 1919. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics at Princeton 1926-1928. Instructor with the organized reserves in Kentucky 1928-1931, then at West Point 1934-1936. Graduated from Command and General Staff School in 1937. Again Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics at Princeton 1937-1939. Graduated from the Army Industrial College in 1940. Duty in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of War in 1941.

In the Operations Division at the War Department General Staff 1941-1942. Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations at Army Ground Forces 1942-1943. Commanding Officer of 4th Armored Division Artillery March 1943-September 1944. Brigadier General in November 1944. Commanding General of 90th Division Artillery 1944-1945, then the Army Personnel Center at Camp Atterbury 1945-1946.

Reverted to Colonel in February 1946. Retired as Brigadier General in November 1955. Decorations included three Silver Stars, the Legion of Merit and two Bronze Stars.

Died on March 1, 1965.

EA Bixby Gravesite PHOTO

Brigadier General, United States Army
 DATE OF BIRTH: 02/22/1899
 DATE OF DEATH: 03/01/1965

Posted:  18 June 2007
US Military Academy (West Point) SEAL

   Silver Star Medal - 3 Awards

   Legion of Merit

   Bronze Star - 2 awards