Edward Clayton Sherman – Commander, United States Navy

Information Provided By Martha Sherman Winters, His Loving Granddaughter

EDWARD CLAYTON SHERMAN was born 11 January 1877 in Kingston, Massachusetts to Ebenezer Sherman and Lucy Morton (Burgess) Sherman

In 1893, he graduated from the Kingston High School, Kingston, Massachusetts; in 1893-94 he attended the Knapp School, Plymouth, Massachusetts; in June 1898,  he received a BS degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

He married Katharine Buck,  11 September 1907, in Bramwell, West Virginia, and they had two children, Theda born 30 January 1909 in the Panama Canal Zone and Edward Clayton Sherman, Jr. born 25 October 1913 in Brookline, Massachusetts.

He was an Assistant Engineer,  Cambridge Bridge, Boston, Massachusetts for four years; Division Engineer, Charles River Dam, Lock & Embankment, Boston, Massachusetts for five years; a Design Engineer, Isthmian & Canal Commission, Culebra, Panama Canal Zone;  1909-1911,  Principal Assistant Engineer with Barrows & Breed, Boston, Massachusetts. He was in a partnership with Louis K. Rourke as “Rourke & Sherman” in Boston, Massachusetts 1912; Private Consulting Engineering Practice, Boston, Massachusetts; October 1916 Office Manager of Bureau of Yards & Docks, Navy Department, Washington, D.C.; March 1917,  Project Manager of Bureau of Yards & Docks, Navy Department, Washington, D.C.;  June 1917 Commissioned as Lieutenant Commander, Civil Engineering Corps, U.S. Naval Reserve Force;  1918 Promoted to Commander, Civil Engineering Corps, U.S. Naval Reserve Force;  1919 Discharged;  1921, Designing Engineer, Bureau of Yards & Docks, Navy Department, Washington D.C. He was a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Cosmos Club.

He died 28 February 1961 in Tyrone,  Pennsylvania, and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


Born 27 October 1877 in Coalburgh, West Virginia to Stuart Manwaring Buck and Grace (Ross) Buck.  She attended Mt. Vernon Seminary, Washington, D.C., and graduated in 1906 from School of Nursing, Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She was a member of New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC, the Seymour Club, Washington Club and the 20th Century Club.

She died 13 October 1952 in Washington, D.C., and was buried with her husband in Arlington National Cemetery.

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