Ernest H. Gregg – Seaman, United States Navy

Next Tuesday, Ernest H. Gregg, the first Texan to die in line of duty in the World War, will sleep with the nation’s honored dead in Arlington National cemetery.

Young Gregg was the son of State Labor Commissioner and Mrs. Robert H. Gregg, now of Austin, who arranged for the removal of his body to America after returning from a recent visit to their son’s grave in a little village cemetery on the northwest Irish coast.

Ernest H. Gregg enlisted in the navy in Corpus Christi early in 1917.  He died of exposure in a lifeboat off the Irish coast, when his ship, the U. S, S, Rochester, was torpedoed by a German submarine in November of the same year. The Corpus Christi American Legion poet, named in his honor, a year ago, marked this distant grave with a bronze tablet, which will be brought back with his body.

If it were not for the unquestionable distinction of having this Texas sailor buried among the heroes of the nation in Arlington, Corpus Christi might have wished Ernest Gregg’s last resting place to be among her honored dead in the Old Military cemetery.

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