Edmond John Buckley – Colonel, United States Marine Corps

Please add Colonel Buckley to the list of U.S. Marine buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Colonel Buckley was the Marine Intelligence Officer for General Alexander Vandergrift during the battle for Guadalcanal, 1942.  General Vandergrift, then Marine Corps Commandant, attended the Colonel’s funeral and burial at Arlington in 1950

  • Colonel Edmond John Buckley
  • Birth:   February 19, 1900, USA 
  • Death: October 14, 1950
  • Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Colonel Edmond J. Buckley, USMCR, 1st Marine Division, 11th Marines, Intelligence. Guadalcanal 1942-1943. As integral member of General Alexander Vandegrift’s D-2 staff on Guadalcanal, Colonel Buckley’s responsibility was to gather and interpret intelligence gathered across the Solomon Islands by islanders and operatives in the jungles. In concert with British Liaison Officer, Captain Martin Clemens – the now famous, Coastwatcher.

Colonel Buckey died from complications of malaria contracted during the war and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.



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